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08 October 2010 @ 04:02 pm
mcintosh, golden delicious, granny smith (katy/pam) pg  

title:  mcintosh, golden delicious, granny smith  
character(s)/pairing(s):  katy/pam, mentions of dwight/angela, jim/karen, andy/oscar, one-sided jim/pam and katy/roy || ensemble
rating: pg
word count: 4547
spoilers: none? it mirrors certain events of s1-3, but nothing obvious or recent.
author's note: this is dedicated to [info]websofseaweed , because i basically took every katy/pam prompt she's even given me, put them into a pot, stirred it a little, and this is what came out on the plate.

summary: teacher!au. when pam started as the new art teacher, she could never have predicted this.

the front desk feels slippery under her sweaty palms as she taps her fingers to get the secretary to turn around. she does.