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The Office Femmslash

"What if Pam was a lesbian?! What if they made out, in front of everybody?"

The Office Girlslash
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The Office Femmslash
The Office Femmslash Community
Welcome to officegirlslash, the only community specifically for the women of this NBC comedy, that welcomes all femmslash ships. Feel free to join and post fic, graphics (icons, wallpapers, headers etc.), pertinent screencaps or discussions on recent episodes as it relates back to femmslash. Or, if you're not a writer or a graphic designer, you can just join/watch this community to keep track of The Office femmeslash.


· This is a slash community, so it's bound to reason that it will have homosexual content. If that bothers you, don't join.
· No flaming. I cannot stress this enough. If you become a problem because of rude and/or homophobic outbursts you will be removed and banned. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but 'constructive' is the operative word.
· All stories and large graphics must be placed below an LJ cut. For fic, please place a warning for spoilers and include a rating, not just for the dirty bits. For graphics, please limit teasers to three pics, and then link it back to the rest.
· I will allow gen fic if it primarily centers around one or more of the female characters, but keep in mind this is a femmslash community. There is no struggle to find a haven for het, and there are plenty of places to post such things.
· Don't worry about tagging your entries, that's on me. However, to make my job easier, I ask that you clearly mark which characters/pairing are included in each piece above the cut.
· All ratings are more than welcome, but ALL FIC should be rated above the cut, along with warnings if the occasion lends to them.

For all fic, please include the following above the cut:


And, as well, the subject header should include the title, rating and pairing/characters.

If you wish to be affiliated with this community, please contact me at my journal or by commenting to a mod post. Special thanks to slybrunette for helping out with affiliates and advertisements!

Moderator: bebitched
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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. (a.k.a. We don't own them, so don't heft lawyers at us. They don't land gracefully and they're usually pretty irritable when they do)

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